Personal Tutoring Policy

This policy is part of the University’s commitment to enhancing the student experience. It reflects issues and responses emerging from the NSS survey and other student feedback; positive features of personal and student support identified in audits and reports by the QAA and HEA; the NUS charter on personal tutors; and existing good practise in a wide range of institutions across the HE sector. It also reflects Aston’s determination to provide strong personal care and support for our students during their time here.

It is more important than ever that universities are able to demonstrate robust student support arrangements that help underpin a high quality student experience.  Personal tutors play a vital role in this support structure as a specific and consistent source of guidance, information and support for the student throughout their studies. They help students feel part of the Aston community and provide a personal touchstone for academic and pastoral matters. This in turn facilitates student induction, progression, engagement and retention. They are instrumental at building strong relationships with students and bring a greatly desired personal touch to the student experience.

This policy document sets out a framework of core principles for personal tutoring that will apply throughout the University. It is acknowledged that Schools of Study have different structures which may lead to some variations in the detailed operation of personal tutoring and academic and student support arrangements in general. These core principles set out a minimum standard of expectations for all students and staff, however, to ensure consistency and a comparable experience.

Click here for the 2018/19 Personal Tutoring Policy