Vitae and Researcher Development Framework

Vitae - a UK programme supported by Research Councils UK and UK HE funding bodies such as Department for Employment and Learning and Higher Education Funding Council - offers a series of useful advice, tools and resources for their personal, professional and career development.

These tools and resources are very relevant to you as a doctoral student. These include:

  • Advice on doing a doctorate: This offers doctoral students general advice on various aspects of doing and doctorate and how to access further support and guidance       

  • The Researcher Development Framework (RDF): The RDF, which is developed by researchers and for researchers, consists of four principal domains. Each domain contains three sub-domains and a set of descriptors, which describe different aspects of being an effective and successful researcher. The courses Aston's Graduate School offers you as a research student are largely mapped against the Vitae RDF because it is a comprehensive new approach to enhancing the personal, professional and career development of researchers.

  • Vitae booklets: These booklets give practical advice and tips tailored to researchers on topics chosen to support personal, professional and career development. There are seven booklets in the series and each booklet, which focuses on a specific topic, e.g. the Enterprising Researcher and the Informed Researcher, includes advice and suggested exercises to work through.