Green Computing

Reducing our carbon footprint is a top priority for IT Services and we have created a 'Green Strategy' to make sure the equipment we purchase and the services we offer contribute to looking after the environment.

Electrical Waste
There are approximately 2500 computers across the University and many of them can be sat idle for long periods of time.  To try and reduce the electrical waste associated with this, we have a new 'OFF' policy where computers in labs that are left idle and not logged in for 30 minutes are automatically shut down.

Power consumption
With the amount of IT equipment we have across the University, the power consumption can be very high.  To try and reduce this we now recommend that all new computers purchased are "Intel Core 2 duo processors" as these machines cut the average power consumption in half while offering a 40% higher performance rate.

Recyclable materials and their disposal
We aim to ensure that everything we purchase, from paper to printer cartridges, is the most environmentally friendly available. 

Going paperless
The excessive and unnecessary use of paper is a major environment issue. Here in IT Services we have tried to cut down our use of paper in a number of ways:

  • IT Services News - we have reduced the number of paper copies of the newsletter by 80% and print on recycled paper.  An email version is also available as well as a PDF format.

  • Administrative systems - IT Services is aiming towards creating a 'paperless office' with the implementation of computer based replacements for many of the administrative tasks across the University including My Aston Portal (MAP) for staff and students, Agresso online requisitioning tool and CELCAT timetabling.