The University provides a central printing facility to the Library and computer labs across the campus.

FollowMe Internet Printing

IT Services have launched an Internet printing service for the FollowMe system. This will allow you to print from your own laptop or home computer and will operate if you are on campus, in residences or even while working from a café in town!  For more information including installation instructions click here. Please note that this is not currently compatible with Apple Mac devices.

FollowMe Embedded Printing Devices

This is the next generation of FollowMe Printing and the University has invested in new devices with this capability to provide additional features such as being able to select which jobs you want to print and even deleting print jobs directly from the device.  To allow for these additional features there is change in the way you operate them. For further details on the FollowMe Embedded system click here.

Printing Credit

The on-line payment system allows you to buy print credits using a credit or debit card over the internet or from any PC on campus 24 hours a day.  To top-up your print credits on-line, browse to  You can top up by any amount from £3 to £30 in one single transaction.

Note that print credits are not sold at the IT Helpdesk or Library counters. 

Your print credits are retained whilst you are a student and are passed from year to year. However, please note that printer credit expires at the end of your time at the University and is therefore not refundable

IT Services provide all undergraduates with £5 printing credit to cover the printing of timetables, initial course notes, etc, and Some schools or departments will provide you with a certain amount of print credit free of charge to cover the printing of lecture notes.  This credit will be added to your printing account once you become fully enrolled on your course.

FollowMe printing

The FollowMe print system allows you to print to local printers in the same room as you as well as other printers around the University using one printer credit account. 

How does it work?

When you send a document to print your print job is sent to a FollowMe server.  If you have chosen to print to a local printer in the same room as you, your document is automatically printed by that printer.  If, however, you have chosen another printer around campus, your print job is stored on the server until you swipe your ID card at the printer of your choice.    

Printing to a Direct Printer (Non-Swipe Printing)

If the computer lab you are in contains a printer you can print directly to it.  Documents sent to these printers pass through the FollowMe server but instead of being held there, they are automatically sent to the printer and printed.  You DO NOT need to swipe your ID card. 

  • Go to ‘File’ – ‘Print’
  • Using the drop down menu at the top of the window select the named printer (printers are named according to the room in which they are situated).
  • Select any additional print options (e.g. multiple copies etc).
  • Click ‘OK’ 

Please note that if there is a fault with the direct printer in your lab your document will be stored on the FollowMe server.  To print this stored document you will need to locate a FollowMe swipe printer.  For instructions on how to use these please see below. 

Printing to a FollowMe Printer (Swipe Access Printing)

At present, there are several FollowMe swipe printers across the University (see table below). 

Location Access Colour
Main Building West 247 ABS PG Students No
Main Building East 202 EAS Students No
Main Building East 266 EAS Students No
Main Building East 374 EAS Students No
Main Building West 430 LHS Students No
Main Building East 473 ABS Students No
Main Building East 476 All Students Yes
Main Building East 478 All Students No
Main Building East 477 ABS Students Yes
Main Building East 522 ABS Students Yes
Main Building East 565 All Students No
Main Building East 606 All Students No
Main Building North X06 LSS Students No
Main Building North X16 LSS Students No
ABS Building MBA Base Room MBA Students Yes
Library Building Groud Floor All Students Yes
Library Building First Floor All Students No
Library Building Second Floor All Students Yes
Library Building Third Floor All Students No

Using the FollowMe system, you can print to any of these printers regardless of where the computer you are printing from is situated. 

Important: Your FollowMe queue will clear itself after 3 days if you do not collect the print out.

  • Go to ‘File’ – ‘Print’
  • Using the drop down menu at the top of the window select either ‘FollowMe mono’ or ‘FollowMe colour’ depending on whether you want to print your document in black and white or colour.  These do not refer to a single printer but to any FollowMe swipe printer around the University.
  • Select any additional print options (e.g. multiple copies etc).
  • Click ‘OK’
  • Locate the Follow Me swipe printer you want to print from (remembering that it must be compatible with your print requirements such as colour).
  • Check that the green ‘Ready’ light is on before you attempt to print any documents (the ‘Ready’ light is located above the printer’s LCD display).
  • If the ‘Ready’ light is not on, press the green printer ‘Start’ button and wait for the green ‘Ready’ light to turn on.
  • Locate the swipe card reader situated on the right hand side of the printer.
  • With the black magnetic strip on your student card facing downwards, swipe your student card through the reader.
  • A red LED will flash to acknowledge that your card has been successfully swiped.  All of the items in your print queue will now be printed by the printer.

Managing your print queue

You can manage any items sent to a FollowMe swipe printer at  Simply log in using your University username and password.  Once you have logged in, click ‘Print Queue’ at the top of the page.  This will list all of your print jobs and their status.  You can change the status of any print jobs to suit your needs.

Job Status Description
Queued Job will be printed at next card swipe.
Queued and retained Job will remain in print queue after item has been printed and will be printed every time until removed from the queue.
Paused Job will not be printed at next card swipe.
Remove Deletes job from print queue. You will not be charged for deleted jobs.

Important: The FollowMe queue will clear itself after 3 days

Printing Charges

Printing charges are the same across the whole campus and are detailed below.  The University may change the charges at any time but will notify you by email and display the new charges at the IT Helpdesk.  The printers are set to print in ‘Duplex’ mode (double sided) as default.  We recommend that you keep this setting as it will save you money.  For the latest prices click here

Printing problems

If the printer you are attempting to use does not appear to be operating correctly please contact the ITHelpdesk.