Teaching and learning - improving the Aston student experience.

You asked: "What has been done recently to enhance the Aston learning experience?

The University has rolled out a number of major projects to support student learning recently. These include:
Investments in technology
We've invested a significant amount in technology centres at Aston recently
  • Since 2006 all lecture theatres and seminar rooms across campus have been refurbished with new built-in AV facilities.
  • We've invested over £11 million in new IT suites, e-learning centres and other practical facilities since 2005.
  • We have significantly increased spending on teaching staff and have created the Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP). The Centre supports learning and teaching research, technical innovation and vocational course content.
  • The number of public lectures open to students has increased significantly in the last few years. - many of these will be relevant to your course.
  • The Learning Development Centre (LDC) opened in 2006 on floor 1 of the Library and has expanded its range of services each year to include a wider variety of workshops, one-to-one tutorials, loaned equipment (e.g. laptops) and much more. The Aston LDC model is still being copied across the UK by other Universities.
  • In November 2010 Aston University Senate agreed to adopt of a policy for return of feedback on assessed work to students normally within 4 weeks, cutting down down from 6 weeks previously.