General Information

If you believe that you are eligible for a refund, you should complete a the Refund Request Form in MAP.

Please note that under money laundering regulations overpayments must be refunded to the original payer.

Refunds will only be processed once the necessary credit note has been processed by the originating department, for example 


For Tuition Fee Refunds


For Residence Fee Refunds

Please note that refunds will be paid by BACS into UK accounts and Bank Transfer into Non UK Bank Accounts, this allows the funds to be paid directly into the original payer's bank account. You will need to provide the following information when completing the Refund Request Form - Account Holder's Name, Account Number, Sort Code, SWIFT/BIC and IBAN.  

Tuition Fees

SLC Reassessments

In the case of refunds resulting from Student Finance England or SAAS assessments the University  Registry and Planning Services Department   -  Registry Contact will receive an electronic  confirmation of your loan who will then credit any invoices raised for tuition.  You will then be entitled to request a refund of the credit balance on your account by completing a  Refund Request Form in MAP.       

Withdrawal and Suspension of Studies

If you wish to withdraw or suspend your studies it is important that you speak with your tutor.  Please follow this link to the   University Tuition Fee Policy2015/16, it is important to read this document carefully when considering to withdraw or suspend your studies. 

Once your account with the University has been credited you may then request a refund from the Finance Department by completing the on line Refund Request Form in MAP.

How do I check my account balance?

You can check if the credit has been processed and view your account balance by going to the Online Payment screen, login using your University details.

Residence Refund

The detailed criteria for refunds are set out in your Conditions of Residence booklet. If you are eligible for a refund please complete the - Refund Request Form in MAP.

Receiving my accommodation deposit

Please note the Aston Student Villages will only send instructions to the Finance Office to refund your deposit once the full criteria have been met. If you are unsure about your deposit please contact the Aston Student Villages in the first instance - Residence Contact

NB/ The Main Deposit run will take place at the end of the academic year.  Payment will be made at the end of JULY

Payment Process

The refund process normally takes 2 weeks from the date you submit your request. If you have not received your payment after the initial 2 week you contact the Cashier Desk in the Finance Centre (see contact details below); however please check that you or your School of Study have submitted the details to the correct department.

Tel: 0121 204 4346 or Visit the Cashiers Office in the Finance Centre, Upper Foyer, Main Building