Graduate E-Mentoring

Aston University’s Graduate E-Mentoring scheme is a voluntary programme designed to offer final year undergraduates the opportunity of being mentored by a recent Aston graduate. Graduate e-mentoring allows Aston graduates/alumni to offer information, support and guidance to current final year students via email. Current final years studying at Aston are given the opportunity to discuss any issues and ask any questions about life after Aston, via email with an Aston graduate.

This is an opportunity for undergraduate students to benefit from an Aston graduate’s experience of final year study and to find out more about life after Aston, to help feel better prepared about starting their graduate career. By communicating with a graduate, students can benefit from their experience of their transition out of University and into the world of work, further study, volunteering, etc.


Who can be a Mentor?

Any recent Aston graduate who can demonstrate commitment to their mentee’ development, and is genuinely enthusiastic about supporting Aston students to the next stage of their careers can become a Graduate E-Mentor.


Topics that may be discussed

  • Final year study
  • Gap years and travelling
  • Volunteering and how to improve employability
  • Postgraduate study
  • Choices made since graduating in general, including graduate recruitment
  • A particular career area
  • Accommodation – graduate ‘house shares’/ moving back home

Benefits of Mentoring

A mentor can support an undergraduate by:

  • Giving them support and guidance in their transition through final year and graduation
  • Offering personal and professional development, whether focussed on career development, postgraduate study or volunteering
  • Giving them a valuable insight into their own transition from university into their career
  • Assisting them with practical tips on planning a successful job search strategy
  • Offering advice and guidance with their career planning and their transition from undergraduate to young professional
  • Developing understanding, skills and problem-solving support
  • Encouraging reflection and celebrating effective practice, identifying areas for development and improving self-confidence

Benefits to the mentor

Evidence indicates mentors also gain valuable benefits:

  • Career development and continued professional development – developing interpersonal skills and honing management and coaching skills
  • New perspective – provides an opportunity to look at their job with fresh eyes and encourage self-reflection
  • Increased job satisfaction – as well as the personal satisfaction of helping others
  • Increased understanding – keeping up-to-date with developments in higher education, qualification structures and the needs and experiences of students/graduates
  • A great way of ‘giving back’ to their university and keeping in touch with Aston
Staff talking in ABS lounge
Your graduate e-mentor can help you decide what to do and how to get ahead after graduating

Support for mentors and mentees

All participants involved in this scheme will receive full and ongoing support from a dedicated member of staff within the Learner Enhancement Team 

If you would like to discuss the Graduate E-Mentoring Scheme please contact:
Sara Rattu
Learner Enhancement Team
SW105, Aston University
0121 204 3226