Become a Graduate E-Mentor

As a Graduate E-mentor you can help your mentee decide what to do and how to get ahead after graduating

Have you graduated in the last two years? Could you offer the benefit of your experience to final year students at Aston University?

Being a Graduate E-Mentor is a great way to support the development of a final year student whilst developing your own skills

You already know that Aston is an innovative and inspiring place to learn, and an institution of innovation and leadership which provides its students with a high quality education and skills to excel in industry and commerce.

Can you help us continue this tradition by supporting those who have followed you?

You may have been involved in the Aston University Peer Mentoring program during your time at Aston; we are pleased to invite you to continue your mentoring experience by registering for our Graduate Program. If you haven’t been involved before, this is a great opportunity to expand your skills’ base while supporting final year students who are where you were, just a short while ago.

What does e-mentoring involve?

We will match you with a final year Aston student who has requested a mentor, by both degree program and the experiences you have had since graduating – that way we can ensure that you both get the most from your mentoring relationship. Contact is via email so you can join the program wherever you live and full support is offered by a dedicated team. Sharing experiences, providing information, advice and guidance and just being there can be invaluable – remember how you felt in your final year and think about what would have been useful for you to know.

What will you discuss?

  • General areas of discussion may include:
  • Managing Final year study at Aston
  • Gap years and travelling
  • Volunteering and improving employability
  • Further study options
  • Your specific career area
  • … in fact, any aspect of life after university! 

What will you gain from being a mentor?

Mentoring is widely recognised as a valuable mechanism for the development of skills, and is used extensively in many organisations and sectors. By volunteering as a mentor, you can:

  • Develop your communication, management and other transferable skills
  • Upgrade your CV and continue your own professional development
  • Achieve personal satisfaction by making a difference to someone else