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Graduate Employability
Your graduate e-mentor can help you decide what to do and how to get ahead after graduating
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Graduate E-mentoring for final year students

We can match you up with a recent Aston graduate who can give information and guidance as you complete your final year and enter the next stage of your life. Your mentor can provide email advice on:
  • Your chosen career area
  • Volunteering and how to improve your employability
  • Further study options
  • Gap years and travelling
  • Choices and decisions since graduating


How does it work?

You will be matched by your choice of graduate career and/or any other areas of interest to a graduate mentor. All mentors are recent Aston graduates and are volunteers, happy to share their experiences and knowledge with you.  


The benefits of having a mentor include:  

  • Having access to someone who has been there and done that before you – find out what they did and how they did it!
  • Someone to listen and advise as you plan your life beyond Aston
  • Having a personal mentor means there is no question too big or small
  • Development of your own interpersonal skills such as communication, planning and time management
  • Upgrading your CV – highlighting your participation in a mentor scheme is highly valued by employers!

The Mentee’s commitment 

  • Remember that your mentor is a volunteer – please do not place onerous demands on them, and ensure all communications are made in a courteous manner.

  • Maintain contact with your mentor until you no longer need their support – please ensure that you let them know that you no longer feel the need to continue contact.

  • Let the co-ordinator know when you have decided to draw the mentoring relationship to a close.

  • Do not expect your mentor to find you employment – this is not a recruitment agency.

  • Do not ask your mentor for their final year coursework – beware of plagiarism. Contribute to the final evaluation and review of the scheme.

The matching process

Mentor and mentee are matched as far as is possible by student criteria. This may be degree programme, graduate career area of interest, postgraduate study, volunteering etc. The more information mentees have given in their registration, the better the match will be. This may mean that mentor and mentee will have studied/be studying the same subjects, but this is not primarily how partners will be matched. It must be remembered that all our mentors are volunteers and we may not be able to match mentees by specific requests.  It is the mentoring itself that will bring most benefits to final year students; mentors will have experience of final year study at Aston, and progression into the next stage of their career/studies, and most will have experienced the graduate recruitment process.

Support for mentors and mentees

All participants involved in this scheme will receive full and ongoing support from a dedicated member of staff within the Learner Enhancement Team at Aston University and will be contacted periodically to see how the partnership is progressing. All participants will also be expected to provide feedback to support the final evaluation of this programme.