Celebration Evening & Mentor of the Year

Hollie UG mentor 2017
Cynthia Mentor 2017

Undergraduate Mentor of the Year 2017

Hollie Norris

Postgraduate Mentor of the Year 2017

Amara Cynthia Ajaegbu 

The annual peer mentoring celebration and awards evening is an opportunity to thank and reward students for their hard work and commitment to the scheme. The 2017 celebration saw the award of Undergraduate Peer Mentor of the Year go to Hollie Norris and the Postgraduate Peer Mentor of the Year to  Amara Cynthia Ajaegbu. 

Hollie’s mentee said:

"My mentor has been fantastic and has guided me through my 2nd year of my Psychology degree brilliantly. I have had numerous questions for her over this past year and she has replied quickly even though she is on placement, giving answers reflecting her own opinion, being both honest and very informative. We have discussed many aspects of University life over the year but placement was a key topic of conversation. Hollie's continued positivity throughout the year regarding my placement search was great and kept me motivated to keep searching throughout the year. Her genuine excitement when we met in March and I had just told her that I had secured my placement was awesome! Hollie has also provided me with great insight into how to tackle the workload that I have faced this year, we have discussed grades and revision strategies, comparing our own personal experiences really made me feel at ease and I always felt better after discussing grades I wasn't happy about with Hollie as she put things into perspective for me. Overall, Hollie has been a fantastic mentor and has really helped to form what has been a great 2nd year at University for me. I hope to remain in contact for the following year as her advice has been invaluable and I wouldn't have felt as confident in my ability without her."

Amara Cynthia’s mentee said:

"I am nominating Cynthia because, over the past year Cynthia acted like my 'compass'. She showed me around town, pointed out who the main actors in the Business School were, who to approach when I needed something from the RDP office as well as how to go about it. She provided her Research Module Course notes, which were very helpful when I started to undertake the course. Cynthia encouraged me to join the Introduction to learning and Teaching in Higher Education course and showed me how to prepare a successful application. She provided some advice on how to handle the Qualifying Report issues as well as the first year QR viva.  When I was asked to deliver a seminar within my research group in the Business School, I had nobody to guide me on how to prepare or structure my slides. I was really stressed out until Cynthia stepped in and provided very useful tips particularly on what my audience including lecturers in the research group will look out for. She was helpful in calming down my anxiety and apprehension. Time and space will not permit me to provide many more examples of how Cynthia helped. Cynthia is married and has children but the way she did devote her time and knowledge to help me settle in the programme is just superb."

More photos from the evening are available to view on Flickr