We hope we've answered your key Peer Mentoring questions below. For further information, just e-mailus.

How much time do I have to dedicate to Peer Mentoring?

At the beginning of your mentoring relationship, we recommend that you meet with your partner for about half an hour a week. The scheme is flexible, however and designed to suit your  individual needs and availability. After the first few meetings, you may decide to do things differently. During busy periods, for example exam time, you might not meet as often but keep in touch via e-mail, text or phone instead. For e-mentoring relationships, you can write and reply to e-mails whenever suits you.

Could I be a mentor?

Yes! As an Aston student, you will already have all the knowledge you need to be a mentor. Our dedicated team of staff will give you training and offer continued support throughout your involvement in the scheme. We hope that you will enjoy the experience of sharing your knowledge with a fellow student, with the bonus of enhancing your skills, CV and employability at the same time.

Could I be a mentee?

Peer Mentoring is of benefit to all students, at every stage of the University experience. You may be a first year new to Birmingham and want some tips from someone who knows the area. You might want some advice on applying for a placement from someone who has been through the process themselves. Or you might just want to talk to a second or third year about making the most of your Aston experience. Whatever your course, year or situation, having a mentor could make a big difference.

Do mentors give specialist advice?

Peer Mentoring focuses on providing pastoral support for students. If mentees require more specific advice than you are able to give, then mentors can point them in the direction of one of Aston's support services.

Will my mentor give me advice relating to my studies?

Your mentor is not an academic tutor. They may be studying the same course as you, but they cannot give you specific guidance on your work. Your mentor can, however,  share their experiences of the course, give you advice on preparing for exams, tell you what to expect from future years of study and assist you with developing your study skills.

Can I choose my mentee or mentor?

Depending on the focus of the Peer Mentoring you are participating in, you could be matched on degree subject, placement area or career area. This matching is undertaken by the Learner Enhancement Team. It may be possible to match you on other preferences, such as gender or country of origin. However, we cannot accommodate mentees with long 'wish lists' of an ideal mentor - you will benefit from the mentoring process regardless of who you are paired with.

What if I don’t get on with my mentor or mentee?

Peer Mentoring has been running at Aston University successfully for a number of years and it is extremely rare for personality clashes to hinder mentoring. The Learner Enhancement Team is always available to address any concerns you may have.

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