Placement Mentoring & Final Year Mentoring

Placement Mentoring

The majority of Aston students complete a work placement in their third year, greatly enhancing their graduate employability. We've developed a Placement Mentoring scheme to provide you with an extra level of support before and during this invaluable experience. You will be matched to a mentor who has undertaken a placement in the field that you are interested in. Your mentor may be a final year recently returned from placement, or a third year currently out on placement who will mentor you via e-mail.

Since Optometry and Pharmacy students complete pre-registration placements at the end of the degree course, mentors in these subjects will discuss their pre-registration search rather than their experiences of having completed one.

Student Writing Mentors

Your mentor can offer support on areas including:

  • Considering the benefits of the placement year
  • Deciding how to choose the right placement
  • Practical tips on job applications and interview techniques
  • Developing a range of transferable skills, e.g time management
  • Examining career options
  • Providing an insight into your final year
  • Learning from their experiences

On placement? You can still participate in Peer Mentoring:

Mentor a second year via e-mail and offer the same advice as face-to-face placement mentors

You could also choose to have a mentor yourself and communicate with a final year e-mentor to give you an insight into the final year of your degree

Final Year Mentoring

Students who are out on placement can choose to have a Final Year Mentor from their degree subject, to give them an insight into the final year of study, help them prepare for the transition from work back to student life, and to enable them to keep in touch with the news from campus.

Second years who are not going to take a placement year can also benefit from having a Final Year Mentor.

Find out how to get involved in Final Year Mentoring

Final Year Students are also able to take part in our Graduate Mentoring programme - and benefit from being matched to a recent Aston Graduate.

Hear from our students

Jacks and Charley who were matched together as Placement Mentee and Mentor talk about Peer Mentoring.

Ana talks about her experience as a Placement Mentor.


  • "It helped me save time with the application process."
  • "It was greatly beneficial and I do not know how I would have coped with finding a placement while studying without my mentor - she helped me manage my time and priorities"
  • “The extra help was a fantastic bonus! An excellent scheme, I would advise any 1st or 2nd year to join the programme. I have learnt how to take advice and then build on it. For example, my mentor would suggest ways of improving my covering letter and I would have to expand on that.” 


  • "As a mentor, I am not just helping someone to gain confidence in their abilities, but also 'solidifying' my own knowledge."
  • “I’ve truly enjoyed the scheme and I hope my mentee has gained as much from this experience as I have.”
  • "It helped me to be less selfish and think about someone else."