Pre Arrival E-Mentoring Transition Mentoring

Have e-mail contact with a current Aston student before you arrive on campus to make the most of your first year experience

Pre-arrival e-mentoring is a way for new Aston students to get all the benefits of being in touch with a mentor before they even set foot on campus. Once a new student has confirmed their acceptance to study at Aston, they can choose to be put in contact with a current student to communicate with via e-mail during the month before the start of term. If you are moving to the UK from another country, then we may even be able to match you to an e-mentor from your home country.

Your mentor will be able to share their experiences from when they started at Aston, and will remeber the questions they had when they were in your position. Hearing about the experieces of a current student, and benefiting from their reassurance and friendly advice can help you to settle in quickly and make the most of your time here.

How can I register for a mentor?

If you have accepted a place at Aston and would like to be matched to an e-mentor, simply register your details on the online form, or just drop us an e-mail

Once you have registered we'll try to match you to a e-mentor as soon as possible.

What about when I arrive at Aston?

The Pre-arrival E-mentoring only lasts up until Freshers Week. After arrival on campus, new students can choose to be matched to a Peer Mentor from a similar degree programme who can meet with you in person.

Are there any guidelines for the scheme?

You can find a link to the guidelines for the scheme here: Pre-arrival E-mentoring guidelines.