Obtaining your degree certificate

If you attend your graduation ceremony in person and providing you have no outstanding debt to the University you will receive your certificate. If you do not attend, your certificate will be posted out to you the week after the ceremony, provided you have registered through MAP stating that you will not be attending and confirmed your address. Otherwise, your certificate will remain in Academic Services until claimed. We strongly recommend you register for graduation via MAP even if you wish to go through in absentia or to defer your ceremony as Academic Services will not know what to do with your certificate.

Collection of Certificate

Alternatively, you may arrange to collect your certificate from The Hub in the main building. You will be informed shortly of the date for certificates to be collected. If you elect another person to collect the certificate for you, they must have signed authorisation from you and show their identification when they collect the certificate on your behalf.

Graduates (who do not wish to attend their ceremony) request that their certificate be given to them before the ceremonies have taken place.  This is not possible. The graduation ceremonies are 'awarding ceremonies' - this means that the university validates the certificate at the ceremony and therefore certificates will not be given out until this has been done. 

Certificate frames

There will be facilities to buy certificate frames from Ede & Ravenscroft on your ceremony day in the main building of Aston University.

Further information

Please contact the Graduation Office at graduation@aston.ac.uk.