The Chaplaincy Team at the Martin-Luther King Multi-Faith Centre


The Aston University Chaplaincy Team are based the Martin Luther-King Multi-Faith Centre (MLK) The MLK is situated in the centre of campus, near the Library entrance, and caters for those or all faiths or of none. The Chaplaincy team is experienced at listening and offering pastoral and spiritual guidance, prayer, support and friendship. Care and support is offered to all, regardless of background.

The Chaplaincy Team, and the MLK, are available to any group concerned with issues of a religious, international, social or political dimension which wishes to explore, like Martin Luther King, the great themes of justice, peace, mutual understanding and the search for the meaning of life.

Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Agreement

The Martin Luther King Chaplaincy Team are chaplains drawn from different religions and denominations who work together in an atmosphere of inter-religious understanding and cooperation. Working alongside other support services in the University, their purpose is to assist all staff and students whether they profess a religious belief or not.

Chaplains strive to strengthen the bonds of understanding and fellowship that already exist between believers, those who hold no creed, and those who are seeking answers to the great questions of life.

In a spirit of openness and dialogue, the Team aims to foster both religious and cultural identity and diversity whilst maintaining the highest regard for the lives of all those involved with Aston University.

CS 14.02.19