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We are especially appreciative of the rallying support that our staff have shown during this unprecedented time.

It goes without saying that extraordinary measures have taken place to continue our services to our students, and that demands on our staff have been great.

Our primary concern for you, our staff, is your health and welfare. We understand you may have questions around what to do in certain situations, both at work and home, and we hope our FAQs will help you.

For further advice and support, you can also visit the staff intranet.

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I am a member of staff and I need to come on campus to work?

Access is restricted to a small number of staff required to maintain essential building services and research facilities. Please speak to your line manager if you think this may be you. 

Which buildings will be open on campus?

Conference Aston and the University nursery will remain open. All other buildings are closed to staff, students (including research students). 

Can I call the university reception for advice?

The University telephone reception service will be diverted to an automated message which refers callers to the website for information and gives advice on how to contact the University in an emergency.

I am a member of staff. Do I need to work from home?

In line with latest government guidance, all staff, including PhD students, are expected to work from home with immediate effect. Please speak to your line manager or supervisor if you have any issues in relation to your ability to work from home

You can access advice and guidance to managers and employees about coronavirus on our staff intranet- www.aston.ac.uk/staff

I am worried about my mental health and adjusting to a new way of working. Where can I get support?

HR has put together two new documents in light of the current situation to help staff get through this period of time. 

Please read ‘Coronavirus and Mental Health’. This document will give you advice and strategies for coping with the stresses and strains of remote working. 

This page can be found in the staff wellbeing page entitled ‘NEW! Coronavirus & Mental Health’ https://www2.aston.ac.uk/staff/wellbeing

Please also read ‘Managing remote working’. In this document, managers and staff can seek guidance and advice about how to adjust to a new way of working. The appropriate methods to adopt and how you and your team can get through this period of isolation. 

This page can be found in the HR intranet page under the ‘most popular’ section entitled ‘managing remote working’ https://www2.aston.ac.uk/staff-public/hr

I am a member of staff with a membership subscription for Woodcock Sports centre. If it closes what will happen to my membership?

The sports centre is closed until further notice. All staff membership subscriptions are now being frozen until the centre is in a position to reopen.

I am a member of staff with a car park pass. What will happen if access to the university is limited?

Salary deductions for car parking on campus will be suspended from April onwards.

Working from home due to coronavirus? What expenses can I claim?

Employees can claim  £4 per week allowance  from HMRC (increased to £6 per week with effect from 6 April 2020)  towards the increased costs associated with working from home e.g. heating and electricity costs.

How to Claim:

If you normally complete a self-assessment form you can make the claim via the form, If not you will need to complete an Online P87 Form available on HMRC website or by completing a Postal P87 form.

You'll be asked for your employer's name (ASTON UNIVERSITY) and PAYE reference (068/U85000), and your job title.

For postal P87s, you'll also need your national insurance number.

The key section for filling in is titled 'Using your home as an office'. Assuming you're not eligible for tax relief on other work-related expenses, like uniform tax rebates, can be left blank.

If you're claiming through the postal form, you'll need to add a 'Using your home as an office' expense manually in the 'Other expenses' section.