Money and Banking in the UK

Money and Bank Accounts

Having a UK bank account will be very useful during your studies in the UK. Opening a normal current account at most high-street banks is usually free and you just need to visit the bank and present some documents explained here.

You mya be able to get help financing your studies

To open a UK bank account, you will first need to complete online pre-enrolment (or online re-enrolment if you are a returning student).

You will then need a letter from Aston confirming your student status, which you can request through MAP. You do not need to have completed face-to-face enrolment to request this letter. Once you have completed your letter request, please bring your student card to the Hub Advice Zone reception to collect your letter.

You can take this letter to any high-street bank to prove that you are a student in the UK. The bank may also want to see your passport and Visa/BRP card.

You can find a list of high-street banks here

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