Tier 4 Part-time

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 Important news!

The Home Office have introduced a new Tier 4 Part-time visa route which means that some students studying for postgraduate courses that are part-time may be able to apply for a new type of Tier 4 visas to study for these courses in the UK. 

 Please be advised that Aston University is not currently able to sponsor Tier 4 Part-Time students and will not be in a position to do so for the foreseeable future.  

This type of visa is not suitable for all part-time courses and you can only apply for a Tier 4 Part-time visa to study a course at a University in the UK if the course is at postgraduate level (RQF 7) and above. The conditions of this type of Tier 4 visa are also much more restrictive than other Tier 4 routes: 
  • Tier 4 Part Time students cannot bring dependants to the UK.
  • The conditions of Tier 4 Part Time leave will not allow students to undertake any work in the UK.This will mean that work experience, unpaid work, placements and internships will also be prohibited.
  • Tier 4 Part-time students will not be able to apply to extend their visas from inside the UK.

  Tier 4 Part Time students will be eligible to remain in the UK throughout the period of leave they are granted which should be for the full length of their course plus; an extra 2 months if the course length is less than a year or 4 months if the course length is more than a year. 

There are limits on how long students can spend studying at degree level and above in the UK using student visas.  The length of time you have spent studying is calculated based on the length of visas that you have been granted for all of the courses of study at degree level plus the length of the visa that you be granted for your new course. For most degree level students this limit will be 5 or 6 years.

The same Home Office limits on time spent studying in the UK at degree level with student visas will apply to the Tier 4 Part-time route.  Any time you spend studying under the Tier 4 Part-time route will count towards the Home Office 5 and 6 year limits.   It will also count towards the 8 year time limit that applies to some research students.

Students applying for Tier 4 Part-time visas will also need to meet the same maintenance requirements as required of other Tier 4 General applicant.  In most cases this will mean showing up to £9,135 for living costs plus all tuition fees charged for the first year of the course.  Tier 4 Part-time student will need to pay the same rate of Immigration Health Charge as other Tier 4 students (£150 per year) for the period of leave granted.

Information checked and updated 23/03/2018 GZ