MAP Check In

MAP Check-in system for Attendance Recording 

Aston firmly believes in the value of attendance, and its relationship with engagement and achievement is very important.  Attendance at scheduled teaching and learning sessions enhances the experience of all students and provides the opportunity for them to benefit fully from the support and guidance the University offers.
As a student you should ‘check in’ to timetabled classes by placing your uniCARD on wall mounted readers on entry to your scheduled teaching sessions. You will be able to access your record of attendance from My Aston Portal (MAP). This supports the University’s proactive approach to learning and encourages you to assume responsibility for your own academic progress, and to manage your time effectively.

The first two weeks of the 2017/8 academic year are a trial phase where the software and technology are tested and the data captured validated. Once we are confident in both the system and the data, we will then roll out access to both staff and students across the University. Please check further communications for additional information. Once the data is released, we will not be amending check-ins during this initial period where students have, for example, forgotten their cards.

If you have any further questions regarding the MAP Check-in system please email

A quick guide to using the system:

  • The readers work by holding your student ID card on the front of the reader, to the right of the screen. Make sure you take your card out of your wallet.
  • The light on the screen will change from blue to green once it has registered your card.You can check-in from 10 mins before the beginning of the event and up to 50 mins after the start.
  • You don’t need to check-out at the end of your event, only at the start.
  • If you have two events in the same room one after the other, you will need to check-in for each event.
  • If you don’t have your card with you, you won’t be registered as attending. Please ensure you carry your card at all times.
  • Remember most rooms have more than one reader so be aware of where they are to reduce waiting times.
  • If you have any queries please see the FAQ below.

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