Staff FAQs

 The MAP Check-in system will provide staff with access to attendance information and reports once we are confident the data is captured accurately. We will use the first couple of weeks of term to pilot this and then provide staff with the system links in due course.

The MAP Check-in system can be accessed by students via the My Aston Portal (MAP).

 Aston firmly believes in the value of attendance, and its relationship with engagement and achievement is very important.  Attendance at scheduled teaching sessions enhances the experience of all students and provides the opportunity for them to benefit fully from the support and guidance the University offers. To ensure that students engage with the system staff should keep their timetabled events up to date via their School timetablers and remind students to check-in at all events. This is particularly important at the start of each academic year but reminders to students throughout the year will be helpful.

Students should ‘check in’ to timetabled classes by placing their uniCARDs on wall mounted readers at the beginning of their scheduled teaching sessions and then access their record of attendance from My Aston Portal (MAP). This supports the University’s proactive approach to learning and encourages students to assume responsibility for their own academic progress, and to manage their time effectively.

The adoption of this technology also provides the University with more robust methods of capturing and reporting Tier 4 monitoring data, attendance data to our funders where required and student numbers for room utilisation.

In some sessions attendance is already compulsory and this is made clear to students. We are currently reviewing our attendance policies and the regulations which relate to them. Currently there is not a blanket attendance policy.

If a student forgets or loses their uniCARD they should attend their sessions as usual but they will not be registered as attending. Students are expected to have their uniCARDs with them at all times and should be advised to promptly replace them should they be lost. Replacements can be bought from the ITS helpdesk on the ground floor of the Main Building.

 If the room has a reader, and the event is timetabled as per the standard operating procedures by timetabling staff, then attendance will be captured. The overwhelming majority of timetabled teaching spaces have more than one reader in each room.

 Once the initial trial period is completed, and the data is released to users, it is anticipated that it will take up to 2 minutes for a student’s check-in to be processed and appear in the system.

Only events that have been timetabled by the timetablers (via CelCAT) will be loaded into the system. To ensure the best possible data accuracy, for example capturing late changes, timetabled sessions are loaded into the MAP Check-in system nightly.

Students can check-in between 10 minutes before the event begins and up to 50 minutes after the start for the system to capture their attendance at that event.

Students should check-in between the above times as they enter the session. Students are not required to check-out when leaving.

Yes. The Map Check-in system needs to record attendance at every individual teaching event students are scheduled to attend, to ensure that their presence is recorded correctly. If the event is scheduled for two hours the student needs only to check in once. If there are 2 different events (i.e. two different modules) taught back to back in the same space, students will need to tap in at the start of the second event.

 Any issues with the Map Check-in readers should be reported by emailing

 If a student is having issues with the MAP Check-in system, including their uniCARD not working, please refer them to The Hub reception or email

If you have any questions, require assistance or advice, please email The Hub reception on