Students FAQs

 The MAP Check-in system can be accessed via the My Aston Portal (MAP).
If you cannot access the Map Check-in system, please contact

Aston firmly believes in the value of attendance, and its relationship with engagement and achievement is very important.  Attendance at scheduled teaching sessions enhances the experience of all students, and provides the opportunity for you to benefit fully from the support and guidance the University offers.

You should ‘Check-in’ to timetabled classes by placing your uniCARD on the readers in each teaching room and you will then be able to access your record of attendance in My Aston Portal (MAP). This supports the University’s proactive approach to learning and we encourage you to assume responsibility for your own academic progress, and manage your time effectively. MAP Check-in, the University’s attendance recording system, gives you access to real time attendance information.

The adoption of this technology also provides the University with more robust methods of capturing and reporting Tier 4 monitoring data, attendance data to our funders where required and numbers for room utilisation.
In some sessions attendance is already compulsory and this will have been made clear to you.

If you hold a Tier 4 visa, MAP Check-in will create an automatic face to face engagement for you and will form part of your Student Engagement Monitoring information for the UKVI. Please find further information regarding Visa Compliance here.

 All learning spaces that are used for timetabled events will have readers installed for you to use. Most rooms will have more than one reader with some having multiple readers. We have based this on the room’s capacity therefore, the larger rooms will have more readers (e.g. the Great Hall has 14 readers). In order to reduce queues into rooms, please remember you can use a reader further in the room not just the one at the entrance.

 If you forget or lose your uniCARD you should attend your teaching session as normal. You are expected to wear your uniCARD at all times and should promptly replace it should it be lost.

Please note, we will not be entering missed sessions on the system. If you are studying a programme that has compulsory attendance sessions please speak to your module leader/personal tutor as soon as possible.

 No. You must remove your campus card from your purse/wallet in order for the reader to record your attendance. If you do not, the reader may turn green and bleep but it may be picking up another card type within your purse/wallet and your attendance may not be captured.

We recommend that you wear their uniCARD on a lanyard.

If the room has a reader and the event is in your timetable then attendance will be captured. The overwhelming majority of timetabled teaching spaces have readers. Please note that teaching events that take place off campus do not yet capture attendance. 

It takes up to 2 minutes for your check-in to be processed and appear in the system for your calendar view.

To ensure the best possible data accuracy, timetabled events are not loaded into the system until the night before the event. That means you will only see events that have been scheduled up to today.

You can check-in from 10 minutes before up to 50 minutes after your session start time for the system to capture your attendance.

You should check-in between the above times as you enter the session. You are not required to check-out when leaving.

 Yes. The Map Check-in system needs to record attendance at every individual teaching event you are scheduled to attend, to ensure that your presence is recorded correctly. 

 Any issues with the Map Check-in readers should be reported to The Hub reception or by emailing

If you were unable to check-in to a session (including if you forgot your card), please note we are in a trial year and we will not be retrospectively amending your attendance record this academic year. Guidance for future years will be communicated at the time. There are no penalties for non-attendance unless explicitly detailed in your programme and module specifications.

It is essential that you carry your student uniCARD with you at all times whilst on the University campus.

We appreciate there may be times where you cannot attend a session. We encourage all students to attend their timetabled events in order to gain the most for their studies.

If you cannot avoid missing a session, please follow the procedure for reporting absence as specified in your programme handbook.

If you miss a session, you will not be penalised either through module marks, or access to key systems such as Blackboard, or Aston Replay, unless specified in the module specification.

Use of Aston Student ID (uniCARD)
Please note – it is not acceptable to check-in friends on their behalf. Using somebody else’s uniCARD is against the University’s uniCARD regulations and may result in both parties being disciplined.

 If you are having issues with the MAP Check-in system, including your uniCARD not working, please visit The Hub reception or email

If you have any questions, require assistance or advice, please email The Hub reception on