Leave of Absence (Suspension of study)

We understand that sometimes, full time students have to take a break from their studies.  This could be because you are unwell, or because you have financial difficulties or for other personal reasons.  Aston students in situations like this can suspend their studies be asking for a Leave of Absence.  This is also called suspending study.  A Leave of Absence can last between 60 days and up to 2 years.

You can request a Leave of Absence (Suspension of Study) from your student home page on MAP.  You will need to give a brief explanation of your reasons for suspending your studies and can upload any supporting evidence you have available.  Your school will respond to your request through MAP so you need to check your student home page regularly.

You should also include the dates that you want the Leave of Absence to start and end but please remember that there is no guarantee you will be able to suspend your study for the exact dates you have requested. The length of Leave of Absence you can take and the date you can resume your studies will depend on how far into the academic year or term/teaching period you are and whether you will need to return to repeat any modules.

You will pay tuition fees for any term you have studied or part studied.  You will not be charged for any full term you are on leave of absence.Y  Once your Leave of Absence has been approved, your tuition fees will be reassessed by the University. 

You can access a copy of the University's Tuition Fee Charging Policy in the Regulations and Policies area of the Registry webpages. 

If you have been awarded an Aston Scholarship then your scholarship entitlement will  be reassessed.  Your new scholarship entitlement will be based on the number of full terms you will complete that academic year.  You can find more information about this in Aston University's Scholarship policy which applied in the year you began your course at Aston.   

The university will reassess the amount of tuition fees you will need to pay and will confirm your new tuition fees to Student Finance England.  Your tuition fee loan should still be paid to the University but it will only be for the new amount of tuition fees you have been charged.

The University will notify SFE once your leave of absence has been authorised.  Your funding will be recalculated to this date and SFE have the ability to claw back any over payment. If SFE notify you that you have an over payment you should repay this immediately.  If you do not repay they have the ability to reduce future loan and grant by the amount you have been overpaid.  You cannot usually receive funding for the rest of that academic year while you are on leave of absence.

If you take leave of absence part way through an academic year this will reduce your entitlement to funding by 1 full year and may have an impact on your funding when you return to study.  Since SFE always allow 1 additional year of funding this will only impact you if you have already taken a leave of absence, have repeated a year previously or have studied at Higher Education level prior to coming to Aston.  If you are unsure about your funding entitlement please book an appointment with a Hub adviser.

If you take a full year's leave of absence (do not enrol for the year at all) this will not impact future funding.

Once you have used up the additional year of funding you will only qualify for the non income assessed maintenance loan (no tuition fee loan or grant).  In some circumstances it may be possible to get a further year of funding based on compelling personal reasons.  If you think your funding may be impacted please book an appointment with a student adviser via the Hub reception.

 All campus accommodation is owned by Unite.  You will be liable for all rents for the full term of your contract.

Most students cannot claim benefits whilst they are taking a Leave of Absence but there are some exceptions.  If you have dependent children or have a disability then you may qualify for Social Security Benefits.  Please book an appointment to see one of our student advisers at The Hub Advice Zone by calling on 0121 204 4007 for further information. 

Yes.  If you are a final year student you are advised to check in case your name has accidentally been added to the list of students who will be finishing their course and can have their accounts deleted.

If you need to take a Leave of Absence and you are in the UK with a student visa, you should seek advice from one of our international student advisers at The Hub Advice Zone. 

Taking a Leave of Absence can have very serious implications for your visa and the University will almost certainly have to report you to UK Visas and Immigration for not attending. This would mean that you have to leave the UK and would have to get a new visa to be able to return to your studies after your Leave of Absence. 

  A Leave of Absence can only be granted for a period of 60 days or more.  If you need permission to be absent for a period of less than 60 days then you will need to ask your school for a Short Authorised Absence instead and this will not affect your student visa in the same way.  

You can contact our international student advisers by calling  0121 204 4567, emailing us at [email protected] or by calling in to The Hub Advice Zone.  

Last checked 24/04/2017 KJ