Engineering & Foreign Languages Bursary

Following a winning bid to the National Express Foundation, Aston University was awarded funding to provide 10 bursaries to new undergraduate students from the West Midlands who started their degree programme in the 2014/15 academic year.

The bursaries were targeted at students who may experienced barriers, real or perceived, in making their decision to go to university.  They were awarded to towards those studying subject areas in which males and females are typically under-represented - women studying for a degree in engineering and men studying a foreign language. 

The successful applicants are receiving a bursary of £1,000 per year for three years of study plus the regular University support for their placement year.

Bursary recipients are expected to take part in ambassadorial schemes as part of the awarding criteria.  This will help spread the word about the benefits of a university education and how the awardees overcame any barriers in making their decision to go to university. 

In order to continue receiving the National Express Foundation Bursary in future years, awardees will need to meet the academic standard to progress normally each year.  Students who take time out of their studies, or are repeating a year, will not be eligible for further National Express Foundation Bursary payments until they resume a normal study pattern. Awardees will not be eligible for further National Express Foundation payments if they withdraw from their course.

  The full National Express Foundation Bursary Policy can be found here.

National Express Foundation Bursary winners blog

Our ten students were chosen in early December 2015. Congratulations to them! You can read their blog entries and see how they are getting on at Aston University here and below.

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