Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust PG Bursaries

The Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust provides financial assistance for Postgraduate home (UK) students. To be eligible you must be studying full-time towards a recognised qualification such as MSc or PhD.  The financial assistance can be awarded for tuition and examination fees, travel costs, study materials and accommodation.  The maximum award of £5,000 per academic year is dependent on satisfactory academic progress.

The successful students must be the close family member (child, spouse, widow or widower) of a Commercial Traveler, Chemist, or Grocer as per the Trusts definitions.

The qualifying parent of a student applying for a postgraduate bursary should have been engaged in their occupation in the UK for at least five years and should either be currently so engaged or should have taken their retirement from such an occupation within the last ten years. A parent who is unemployed (or deceased) but who fell within one of these three categories when their employment ceased (or they died) is also included.


Eligible students studying at a UK university wishing to be considered for bursary assistance must apply online here via the Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust website.

The decision of the Trust is final in all matters and the Hub has no control over the decisions that the Trust make.

Registered Charity Number 288404
 Updated: 13/09/17 DR

Commercial Travellers

"The representative, agent or principal of any UK firm of manufacturers, industrial or commercial firm or company, or wholesale dealers selling to industry or commerce, but not direct to the public, who has traveled for five consecutive years and, in the aggregate, for at least six months in each of those years, for the purposes of securing orders and/or promoting business". 


"A member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, engaged in selling or dispensing medicines direct to the public". 


"A person engaged or employed in a UK business of selling by retail a wide range of goods, whether edible or not, used in household provision and management excluding persons owning or employed by a business having more than (fifty) employees". 

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