18+ Student Oyster Card

If you are taking a work placement in Greater London, you may be eligible for a 30% discount on travel by making an application for an 18+ Student Oyster Card from Transport for London (TfL).  The Oyster Card is a plastic smartcard which commuters can use in the place of paper tickets.

TfL operate two types of 18+ Student Oyster Cards which use a similar  application route online.  

However, Aston University students are only eligible for the Oyster Card that is for full-time undergraduate students on a placement in Greater London.  Other students may be eligible for the 18+ Student Oyster Card such as the MOptom pre-registration year, the BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) or the Foundation Degree in Hearing Aid Audiology where their employer is London based.  

The version of the 18+ Oyster Card that Aston University students are ineligible for is for students who are studying at an educational establishment based in Greater London or that has a satellite building in London where teaching is provided.  Aston University does not appear on the drop-down list of educational establishments because we do not provide teaching in London.

The full Terms and Conditionsfor the 18+ Student Oyster Card provide more detail.

To be eligible for the 18+ Student Oyster Card your work placement needs to be: 

  • An integral part of the degree
  • 14 weeks minimum based in London 

The benefits of this card are:

  • 30% discount off adult rate travel cards 
  • 30% discount off weekly, monthly and yearly bus passes 
  • 30% discount off weekly, monthly and yearly tram passes   

To apply you will need to pay a £20 administration fee to Transport for London (TfL) and complete an online application form which requires you to provide a digital photo of yourself. 

A clear step-by-step guide to applying can be found here (opens as separate PDF).

When you have completed the initial TfL application step, please:

  • Complete the  Placement Establishment Letter template (writable  PDF.) provided by Transport for London complete all required fields, save it onto your computer by renaming it
  • Browse your computer, locate the letter and attach it to an email 
  • In the body of the email tell us your name and your Student University Number

Where you send your completed letter is dependent on what you need the 18+ Oyster Card for:

Third year work-placement students send to:
The Placement Assistant:   placementsupport@aston.ac.uk            

MOptom, Healthcare Sciences or Audiology students send to:
Patrick Coughlan Student Funds Administrator in the Hub: financialassistance@aston.ac.uk   

The University will check that your placement is approved and the details you have placed on the letter template are correct.  The letter will be signed and dated and then posted to the TFL Admail address on the letter template.  

You will receive your 18+ Student Oyster Card a few weeks later in the post.

Q - Do I need to upload my placement details to MAP before I apply for the 18+ Oyster Card?

A - Yes, please ensure your placement has been submitted and approved, please also use the address you are physically working at, the address must be in London/Greater London.

Q - How long does it take to receive the 18+ Oyster Card?

A - Transport for London control the application process and it can take several weeks at busy times to receive the 18+Oyster Card.  It also depends on the reliability of the postal service.

Q - Where is the Reference Number located that I need to type on the Placement Letter?

A - You will receive an email receipt from your TFL application, the reference number is the long number beginning with the digit '7'.

Q - Why is Aston University not on the drop-down list?

A - We do not hold classes in London, you need to complete the correct application process  (see the guidance/link above).

Q - Can I have an 18+ Oyster Card if I live in London during the holidays?

A - No this is against TFLs Terms & Conditions.