Aston Brain Centre

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This building houses the Aston Academy of Life Sciences on two floors as well as the Life Science Laser Institute and Aston MRI Suites. For more information, please contact the Brain Centre directly.

Accessing the Aston Brain Centre

A pair of fully glazed, automatic sliding doors provides access to the main entrance. The threshold is level with the ground outside.

Main Reception is located inside the Main Entrance. It has a counter at heights 110cm and 74cm.

Getting around the building

In general the corridors are 150cm with some as narrow as 120cm. There are no passing areas along the routes. Doors within the building are either 88cm or 97cm wide. Doors have vision panels from 62cm to 178cm from the floor and should allow reasonable visibility to corridors or rooms on the other side.


One lift is available to take visitors from the Ground Floor to Floor 1. It is an 8 person lift with a floor space 140cm by 110cm. The door has an access width of 80cm.

Use of the lift is restricted during times when the MRI scanner is in operation. Please speak with staff at the Main Reception for advice.


Accessible toilets are available in locations around the building:

On the ground floor, close to Main Reception, the MRI Suite and in the pre-treatment waiting area.

And on Floor 1, two toilets can be found by the Birmingham Children’s Cochlear Implant programme/ Note that one of the toilets (room 130) has a cubicle size of 187cm by 152cm.

Induction Loop Systems and other Access Features

Induction Loop Systems are fitted in the Main Reception and at the reception for the Birmingham Children’s Cochlear Implant programme.