Main Building

Main Building from B1

Access to Main Building

Two entrances lead into the foyer of the Main Building where the University Reception desk is located on the lower ground next to the security desk. Induction Loop (Telecoil) systems are fitted in the reception.

Main Entrance

The Main Building entrance is accessible from the extensive paved area from Aston Street. There are two slopes leading to the main doors, either side of an ornamental water feature. One slope has a much gentler gradient.

The main entrance from Aston Street has two sets of outer, automatic, sliding, double doors, marked with white dotted lines. From the initial set of outer doors there is a 90 degree turn to pass through the inner doors.

 Potter Street Entrance

 The Potter Street entrance is accessed directly from the Potter Street Car Park. Potter Street is a barrier-operated access road with no thorough fare for general traffic.

There are two sets of doors into the Main Building with a lobby between. The lobby is 310cm long by 260cm wide.

The outer double doors are fully glazed with no markings and can be opened using the button to the right of the door. The doors open outwards to a total width of 160cm.

A button on the left hand side of the lobby can be used to open the inner, glazed double doors which also have no markings. The doors open inwards to a total width of 160cm.

When leaving the building through this route the buttons to operate doors are to your left.

Getting around the Main Building

From the Main Reception, the ground floor of the Main Building is accessible via lift or staircase. Please see the Ground Floor Plan of Main Building for more detailed information.

For lift access, the following table will guide you to the Upper Foyer from where you can access the rest of the building including the Great Hall and the Hub Reception (an Induction Loop (Telecoil) system is fitted). 


Floor Number


Red/Blue Sky Lifts

UG/1 Respectively

Turn right as you leave the lift and descend the ramp. The upper foyer is to the left, with access to the Great Hall. The Hub is to the right.

South Wing Lift


Turning slightly to the right but directly ahead of the lift is a narrow bridge. It has a gentle downward slope and leads straight to the middle of the Upper Foyer.


Please see the Lift Plan for more information about the most appropriate lift for each room.

Please note that ‘D’ lift in the Upper Foyer has a door width of 76cm and 160cm by 115cm floor area so may be restrictive if you are a wheelchair user. If you require an alternative route please contact the Enabling Team.