Students' Union


Access to the Students’ Union

The Main Entrance is accessed via two flights of steps with a wide area between the flights. Both flights have 8 steps.

There is a platform lift to the left hand side of these steps; controlled by the Union porters and access can be gained by pressing the button next to the lift.

There is also a wheelchair accessible route between the Main Building and the Union via an overheard covered link bridge between the two buildings.

Accessible Lower Ground Entrance

Doors to the Lower Ground floor entrance are located under the canopy to the side of the building and signs indicate where this is to be found. The doors are locked and you will need to ring the bell located to the right of the door when access is required.

B4 Bar Entrance

Entrance is via double doors with each door less than 80cm in width although they can be opened at the same time. These doors are only open when the bar is open and the route through the bar can be congested during busy periods. .

Getting around the Students’ Union

Aston Students’ Union has a simple floor plan.In general, corridors are 120cm in width, reducing in some places to 104cm. One lift serves all floors.


The lift carries 13 people and is 165cm by 125cm with a door opening to 86cm/ the lift serves all floors of the Students’ Union.


There are toilets on various levels of the building with the accessible toilet near B4 bar. It has an area of 150cm by 200cm with an outwards opening door that gives an access width of 94cm. The door is radar locked with the key available from B4 bar. 

Virtual Tour

Please see the Union Website for a Virtual Tour of the main areas of the Building and for further information about the Union in general.New Fully Accessible Students' Union Coming Soon.