Vision Sciences Building


The Vision Sciences Building houses Vision Sciences, Audiology and the Aston University Health Clinics, each with their own entrances.

Accessing the Vision Sciences Building

There is wide, paved access to the building on a level with the building’s entrances, with the exception of the Vision Sciences Student Entrances (see below).

Aston University Health Clinics Entrance

There is a set of double, power assisted doors, each with a semi-circular pane of glass from 62cm to 182cm in diameter. This might restrict visibility into the building for wheelchair users before the doors are opened.

Audiology Student Entrance

The entrance is located to the side of the building and consists of two manual glazed doors. The clear glazing can make it difficult to determine if the doors are open or closed so if you have a visual impairment you are advised to keep this in mind when using this entrance.

Vision Sciences Student Entrance

The entrance is accessed via a single step or a ramp that has a 1 in 18 gradient and rises to a height of 17cm/ the ramp is 135cm in width. There are power assisted, fully glazed double doors with marking on the glazing to help identify when the doors are open or closed.

Getting around the Vision Sciences Building

The Main Reception is located just within the Aston University Health Clinics entrance with counters at a height of 76cm and 103cm.

Corridors on the Ground Floor and Floor 1 are 180cm wide and should allow two wheelchair users to pass one another.

The doors behind the reception area leading to the audiology laboratories give an access width of 71cm each. Although there are double doors, one of the doors is frequently bolted. If you are a wheelchair user you may wish to speak with someone at reception before proceeding through these doorways to make sure the way is clear.


A platform lift is installed at the Vision Sciences Student entrance to give access to Flor 1. It has a maximum lift load of 400kg. The platform is 109cm by 140cm, automatic doors.

A stair lift has been installed to allow access to the lockers and the area behind the lecture theatre. The lift is key operated and users will be issued with a key. The platform is 100cm by 77cm and has a maximum load of 225kg.

Accessible Features

For information about the accessible features of the learning and teaching spaces in the Vision Sciences Building, please click here.