Information about casual work available

The Enabling Team's Non-Medical Helper (NMH) Scheme co-ordinates certain types of additional human support for students who require it to fully access their course. Support provided by the NMH Scheme includes:

Note Taking
  • Rate of pay: £13.19
  • Hours per week: Approx 5.15

Note takers enable students to access their course content by providing clear and accurate notes as a record of lectures or classes. This does not replace the need for students to attend sessions themselves and should be used as a tool for revision/solidification of knowledge.

Study Support
  • Rate of pay: 13.19
  • Hours per week: Approx 2-10 (dependent on student needs).

Study Support Assistants enable students to access their course through practical assistance. The specifies will depend on the support needs of the student - it may include support in adapting to the academic demands of HE, providing information, help with time keeping, help with organisational skills etc. This can be supplemented by practical support (e.g. carrying books/assistance with photocopying in the library etc.).

Examination Support (Readers, Amanuenses/Scribes, and/or Prompts
  • Rate of pay: £13.19
  • Hours per week: Approx 5-12 (during exam periods)

Examination support may include reading questions and/or answers back during the exam, writing answers as they are dictated or prompting students to stay on task and help them manage their time during the exam.

Details of how to apply (along with Job Descriptions) and how to contact us for more information are at the bottom of this page.

"100% of Non-Medical Helpers surveyed during 2016-17 agreed that the work fitted in well around their other commitments."

Please find below the Job Descriptions/Person Specifications for each role:

Please note that while we do offer Examination Support Work, we do not usually recruit specifically for this role but us the existing pool of Non-Medical Helpers. Therefore, if you are interested in providing examination support, please either apply for one of the other roles or contact us to find out if there is work available.

If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to contact us.