Inclusive Resources

Inclusive Resources can come in a variety of different forms from software that aides with screen reading to apps that enable you to create mind maps. Often they can be quite costly, so below is a list of freely available alternatives that you may find useful.

Some software is available for download directly onto your computer (they also give you the option to download to a USB which will enable you to use it on any computer), some are Google Chrome extensions which allow you to have the technology built into your internet browser and there are also some apps available for both Apple and Android devices. You can find more information on a number of resources and details of where to download them from if you scroll to the bottom of the page. If you’re aware of any other free inclusive resources that you think people should be aware of or you have any comments about the technology listed here, please email – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Software for PCs

Before taking a look at the free software available to download, it may be worth checking out the technology already available on your computer:



Copies of Texthelp Read&Write are available on most University computers and the other software listed here can be freely downloaded. Texthelp has been listed here as only being available on Windows computers because the software available at Aston is on Windows computers. Versions of the software are available for Mac.

Available on:  MyStudyBar  XMind  Balabolka  Screen Overlays 
May help users with:        
Reading X   X X
Spelling X      
Writing X   X  
Available on: X X    
Planning X X    
Screen Reading X     X

There are also a considerable number of apps available for download on mobile or tablet devices –some of these may be especially useful if you use a tablet in lectures.

Once again, it may be useful for you to first take a look at what is already available on your device:

Apple Devices

Android Devices

Available on:  SAM  Headspace  Natural Reader  Tiny PDF  Readability  Read&Write  Inspiration Maps 
App Store
Andriod Store    
May help users with: SAM  Headspace  Natural Reader  Tiny PDF  Readability  Read&Write  Inspiration Maps 
Google Chrome Extensions/Online Resources

These are just a selection of the online resources, you may want to investigate the other options out there to find out what works best for you.

May help users with:  Read&Write for Google  Readability  Grammarly  TalkTyper  Brainscape