Prospective Students


Your application will be considered on academic merit alone and will be treated in the strictest confidence; any discussions you have with the Enabling Team are treated separately from your application to your School of Study.

If you have declared a disability on your application form, the relevant admissions team will notify us. We will then write to you for more specific information and to find out more about the effects your medical condition may have on your studies and daily life; we use this information to assess the support you may need.

We may invite you to attend an informal meeting to discuss your support needs – this gives you the opportunity to look around campus and chat with us about your support needs face-to-face. We will try and arrange for this meeting to coincide with a University Open Day so you can talk to both support and academic staff at the same time.  

If we do invite you for a meeting and you have specific requirements, for instance, you need to park a car close to the University’s Main Building, or you require a BSL interpreter etc., please let us know in advance and we will try to accommodate your requests.

If your individual needs are complex, it might be useful for you to meet or talk to your Admissions Tutor so you can ask more detailed questions about the support you need. We can arrange this face-to-face meeting or telephone call (which is not a formal interview) and attend, with you.

We will also provide information on the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA), which may be available to help pay for any extra costs you may incur as a direct result of your disability. For more information on the DSA and other available funding, take a look at our funding page or the information on their website.

If you do not wish to declare a disability on your application form but would like an informal discussion about your needs, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

Why are you asking for details of my disability?

We ask for this information so we can assess what support you may require and then, with your permission, we are able to liaise with the respective academic departments and central services to ensure the necessary support arrangements are put in place.

Will my application be rejected if I have high support needs?

Any information you provide will be dealt with confidentially and separately from your academic application. However, other issues may have to be taken into account such as your suitability for the course, Health & Safety issues etc.  For example, if you tell us you are allergic to all types of metals and are applying to do a mechanical engineering course, then we may need to work with the academic department to look at some adjustments to the teaching programme. However, there may be situations where this is not practical or not possible, and the University may suggest more suitable courses.


If you apply through Clearing for a place at Aston University, please inform your School of Study of any support needs when you first make contact. They will pass any relevant information to us and we will contact you. Your application will still be considered on academic merits alone.

International students are required to have their all documentation ready for their arrival in the UK. We recommend you check with your local embassy on the likely waiting times for the processing of applications for Visas. Our International Student Support can help.

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Checked By DT - 02/03/2017