Case Study

Mature student

Programme: BSc Accounting and Sociology

Year of study: Final year

What made you decide to go to university as a mature student?

I had always wanted to do a degree but as I started a family first, I had to concentrate on that. I wanted to wait until my child had started at school and was settled.

Why did you choose Aston? How had you narrowed your choice of university down?

I knew I had to apply through UCAS so I did research about which universities were available for my subjects and looked at the rankings. I read up about the university and spoke to some people from Aston about coming here and they said it was good place to study and had a good reputation. I moved back to Birmingham once I knew I had got a place at Aston.

How did you find the first few weeks?

At first people were saying to me “you won’t fit in, the other students will be 18 years old, it will be difficult” I had that in my mind when I first started. However I thought about my personality and found that after a couple of weeks, I got to know people. I didn’t feel like a mature student, I just got on with the people around me, getting got on well with the class. I didn’t feel my age was an issue.

It’s important to remember that whether young or old, everyone is just a person with different interests.

Have you had to change your life to accommodate being a student?

It’s about frame of mind, and attitude. I just thought others did it and so can I! That was my attitude throughout my studies.

What are you hoping to do after your studies?

I’d like to continue studying as doing this first degree has boosted my confidence and I want to go on and do post graduate study. I’m thinking about going into teaching now which, when i was younger, was something I didn’t think I would want to do!