Aston University Student Charter

2016 Cover

Setting out the University’s commitment to your education and experience at Aston, and our expectations of you as students and members of the Aston community.  

Our mission is to be the UK’s leading university for business and the professions, where original  research, enterprise, and inspiring teaching deliver global impact. 

We are building an international reputation as the source of the people and the ideas that will shape the businesses and communities of tomorrow. Our outstanding graduate employability; commitment to sustainability and global citizenship; international and multi-cultural student body; compact city-centre campus; warmth and friendliness, make Aston a unique and very special place to study.


This Student Charter, developed by the University and the Students' Union, spells out our commitment to your education and experience at Aston and our expectations of you both as a University student and a member of the Aston community.

We aim to help you become an outstanding professional and a responsible global citizen. The University and the Students' Union will work in partnership with you so that you enjoy the highest quality educational experience.

We hope you will work with us to be successful and enjoy your time at Aston.

For details of the Student Charter for postgraduate research students, please click here.

Please note

The Student Charter is a summary of the aspirations and expectations of the University and its students. It is not intended to be a legally-binding document and it does not set out to define or limit the legal obligations and/or rights of the University, its students or the Students’ Union. Full details of these are set  out in other documents including all regulations, policies, programme regulations, codes of practice,  student handbooks and procedures issued by the University  as well as the University’s Royal Charter and Statutes. Rights and obligations regarding the Students' Union are set out in the Articles of Governance of Aston Students' Union.

For more information see 'Supporting you' and 'Quick links' at or contact either the Students' Union President or Student Services

Annual Review: The Student Charter is reviewed annually for the forthcoming academic year. Last reviewed in May 2016 (AL)