Global citizenship - Undergraduate Student Charter

Global Citizenship is the foundation for everything we do at Aston 

You can expect us to:

  • create an environment which encourages personal development, free speech, mutual understanding and academic freedom 
  • show respect, courtesy and professionalism to all
  • provide equality of treatment for all regardless of gender, age, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief
  • offer opportunities for students to develop their cultural intelligence through inter- cultural activities and language learning provision
  • provide free foreign language tuition to first year undergraduates (including English tuition for international students)*
  • encourage and support student participation in elections for student representatives

We expect you to:

  • create and take opportunities to work with and learn from people with different cultures
  • develop your awareness of the perspectives and needs of others and your skills in working successfully with them
  • show respect, courtesy and professionalism towards all other members of Aston University and the wider community in all interactions including those via social media
  • protect the physical environment by active participation in recycling schemes and other environmentally friendly initiatives

  • You can expect the Students' Union to:
  • support societies that provide opportunities for inter-cultural development
  • host or support events aimed at building inter-cultural understanding
  • support active student community engagement
  • develop networks with other students' unions in order to create increased opportunities for knowledge sharing
  • promote the annual One World Week, a celebration of Aston's multicultural community

*where applicable; for example this may not apply to students who are distance learners or those studying at partner institutions.

Checked and updated 29 May 2014, AJW