Quality learning

You can expect us to:

  • draw on Aston's cutting edge research, and our professional expertise, to deliver exciting and inspiring learning experiences
  • provide teaching staff who take advantage of active support from the University to develop and enhance their teaching skills
  • provide a handbook or equivalent document with details of learning and assessment, contact hours, exam arrangements, academic guidance and support, professional requirements (if appropriate) with signposting to recommended reading
  • offer access to a wide range of learning materials, Library resources and appropriate IT facilities
  • provide a clear timetable for teaching and assessment
  • provide as much notice as possible of any unavoidable timetable/session changes
  • assess work fairly and provide meaningful feedback - normally within four working weeks
  • offer support via your tutors throughout your studies, including during any placement
  • support and embed student participation in academic development and course management

We expect you to:

  • engage in all aspects of the learning process, attend and participate in contact time such as classes, group and laboratory work and regularly spend sufficient time in private study*
  • take responsibility for submitting assessments on time and use feedback to enhance your learning
  • attend meetings with your tutor, keep in contact, including during any placement, and seek advice when you need to*
  • use the email and MAP systems regularly*
  • inform your tutor or School Office as soon as possible of anything which might affect your studies such as absence and obtain advance agreement for any expected essential absence*
  • seek help quickly - from your School Office, the Hub or the Students' Union's Advice & Representation Centre - if you encounter difficulties
  • be familiar with, and follow, processes, regulations and codes of conduct
  • You can expect the Students' Union to:

  • inform you of University plans and proposals

  • represent the views of the student community to the University and the locality

  • advise you on any issues you may have with the University, and on following procedures and regulations
  • represent you at reconvened exam boards, academic appeals and disciplinary hearings

*where applicable; for example this may not apply to students who are distance learners or those studying at partner institutions

Checked and updated 29 May 2014, AJW