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Purpose Built Nursery

Aston University Nursery and Pre-School has now moved to a brand new purpose built building. The nursery caters for up to 104 children aged from 3 months to 5 years and is based on Coleshill Street, just a short distance from Birmingham City Centre and a range of transport links.

The purpose built nursery has been specifically designed to promote learning and development in a safe and secure environment. Each of the four nursery rooms will have direct access to the carefully landscaped garden with a separate zone for the under 2's. This will provide the opportunity for investigation and exploration and support all areas of learning as well as providing space for running, jumping, riding bikes and climbing. Our highly qualified and experienced team will aim to further improve our current Ofsted rating from Good to Outstanding.

For further information please contact the nursery on 0121 204 4562 or email

Nursery Ethos

Aston University Nursery and Pre-School was founded in 1973 with a commitment to provide the highest standard of care and education.

At Aston University Nursery and Pre-School we aim to provide every child with the best possible start in life and provide them with the support they require to enable them to reach their full potential. We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing environment to help your child feel secure and cared for. We provide a fun learning environment in which children can develop a secure foundation for future leaning. Our commitment to learning through play ensures that each child develops confidence as they learn to explore, to think about problems and relate to others.

This site will provide you with an introduction to our Nursery and Pre-School, focusing on our ethos, activities and the excellent facilities we have to offer. Once you have taken a look, please feel free to contact us with a view to visiting and discovering for yourself what Aston University Nursery and Pre-School has to offer you and your child.

"Staff give high priority to promoting children's language and communication development."


Below are extracts from our most recent Ofsted report following inspection in August 2016.

"The well qualified and experienced staff team demonstrates a very good knowledge and understanding of how children learn and develop."

"All children are confident learners and are motivated to engage in play and learning."

"The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. All staff undertake child protection training. They have a secure understanding of the action they must take if they are concerned about a child's welfare."

Our Ofsted number is EY495721. A copy of the full Ofsted report is available in the reception area of the Nursery and Pre-School, or can be viewed here on the OFSTED website


Parents' Area

Nursery Holiday Dates

Friday 2nd April 21 – Nursery Closed (Good Friday)

Monday 5th April 21 – Nursery Closed (Easter Monday)

Tuesday 6th April 21 – Nursery Closed (University Closure Day)

Monday 3rd May 21 – Nursery Closed (Bank Holiday)

Monday 31st May 21 – Nursery Closed (Bank Holiday)

Monday 30th August 21 – Nursery Closed (Bank Holiday)

Tuesday 31st August 21 – Nursery Closed (University Closure Day)

Monday 27th December 21 – Nursery Closed (Bank Holiday)

Tuesday 28th December 21 – Nursery Closed (Bank Holiday)

Wednesday 29th December 21 – Nursery Closed (University Closure Day)

Thursday 30th December 21 – Nursery Closed (University Closure Day)

Friday 31st December 21 – Nursery Closed (University Closure Day)

Monday 3rd January 22 – Nursery Closed (Bank Holiday)

Birmingham Local Offer

This Local Offer website gives information about the support that the local authority expects to be available across education, health and social care. The information on the website is clear and easy to find. It says who a particular service is for, how to apply, and how decisions are made about who gets that service.

The information you should be able to find on a Local Offer Website includes:

  • Sources of support, advice and information for children, young people and families including support groups and forums.
  • Special educational, health and social care provision for children and young people with SEN or disabilities
  • Arrangements to identify and assess children and young people with SEN, including how an assessment can be requested.
  • Other educational provision, for example leisure activities, sports or arts provision,
  • Information about provision to assist in preparing children and young people for adulthood including post-16 education and training provision
  • Arrangements for travel to and from schools, post-16 institutions and early years providers
  • Childcare, including suitable provision for disabled children and those with SEND
  • Support available to young people in higher education, particularly the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) and the process and timescales for making an application for DSA
  • Arrangements for resolving disagreements and for mediation, and details about making complaints

In Birmingham, we have been updating our Local Offer website to make the information in it clearer and easier to find.

Key forms and documents

Care and education

Complaints and compliments


Health and safety


Illness and infection control

Nutrition and mealtimes

Children have a healthy variety of food to choose from each day. Breakfast and tea aremadeon a siteandlunch isprovided by an external catering company.

Outdoor play


Safeguarding and security

Contact us

Aston University Nursery and Pre-School,
1 Woodcock Street (entrance on Coleshill Street)
B7 4BL

General Enquiries: 0121 204 4562
Finance / Admin: 0121 204 3109

Nursery Opening Times: Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 6pm.
For current job vacancies please visit


  • Nursery Enquiry Form
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Fees & funding

Aston University Nursery and Pre-School Fees

Places are available on a full-time basis (7:30am - 6pm, Monday to Friday) or on a part-time basis, which can be made up of full days, morning sessions (7:30am - 1pm) or afternoon sessions (1pm - 6pm). Please contact the nursery directly for information on fees for your required booking pattern.

About our fees

Invoices are generated on a monthly basis with fees payable in advance on the 1st of each month.

A non-refundable £50 registration fee is required to register your child at the nursery.

A deposit of £100 is required to reserve your child’s nursery place and booking pattern.

Childcare vouchers are accepted. The Nursery’s Ofsted Registration Number is EY495721.

Our fees include breakfast, snacks and lunch for a ½ day morning session, or snacks and afternoon tea for a ½ day afternoon session. Our full day rate includes all snacks, breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

Fees will be calculated over 51 weeks of the year due to a nursery closure for 1 week during Christmas.

There is no reduction for absenteeism, holidays or illness.

Immediate termination of a place will occur due to non-payment of fees.

Late Collection

Please note that a Late Collection charge of £7.00 per 5 minutes is applicable for all late collection.


  • Payment can be made through standing orders / childcare vouchers / debit or credit card / salary sacrifice (for University staff only)
  • For security, we would ideally like to avoid accepting cash or cheque but can do so if absolutely necessary
  • Tax free childcare

Early Education Entitlement (EEE) Funding

The Nursery is able to claim up to 15 hours free funding for your child the term after their 3rd birthday for the universal entitlement.

The Nursery is able to claim up to 30 hours free funding (if eligible) for your child the term after their 3rd birthday for the extended entitlement. For more information on the extended entitlement. Visit the childcare choices website for more information.

The Nursery is able to claim up to 15 hours free funding the term after their 2nd birthday for children who meet the eligibility criteria. For more information on 2 year old funding. Visit the Birmingham City Council website for more information.


One full calendar month’s written notice must be made to either terminate or alter a booking at the Nursery. Failure to do so will result in full fees being charged. Where a booking is altered a revised standing order must be submitted at the time of notification.

Introductory Visits

Introductory visits are free and are arranged prior to your child’s start date.

Non Standard Students

The nursery recognises that students who are studying non-standard programmes, which may consist of either intensive periodic blocks where attendance on campus is required or a programme which is taught on a one day per week basis, may have differing needs from students studying standard undergraduate or postgraduate programmes. We would be pleased to discuss individual requirements with students studying these programmes to try to endeavour that our service remains accessible. Please contact the Nursery Business Manager for further information.

Find out more for a full listing of our nursery fees


Acorn Room

The room is split between a carpeted and messy area, with the emphasis on learning through play.

The room is for children aged 3 months to 2 years. Acorn Room caters for up to 24 children on a ratio of 1:3. The room is designed to encourage the children to develop at their own pace in a warm, stimulating environment.

The room has a designated area for the younger non-mobile children which provides them with the opportunity to explore their environment in a calm, safe space. Treasure baskets provide a range of sensory stimuli and low level furniture is the perfect height for children to pull themselves up on, in preparation for those first steps.

Acorn Room has a low level window overlooking the garden, enabling the children to have a constant view of the ever changing environment. The room has direct access to the outdoor environment and with their own designated space the babies are free to roll, crawl and toddle in their attempts to explore and learn about the world around them.

Special low level sand and water trays, along with a floor based easel provide extra sensory experiences, whilst the role play area builds on their ever developing social skills and their desire to imitate.

Book corners and a cosy hideaway cube provide opportunities for rest, relaxation and quiet time.

The interactive screen promotes children's understanding of information technology with carefully selected programs that support each of the developmental areas.

An adjoined sleep room, a milk preparation kitchen and nappy change are additional features of this room.

Maple Room

At this stage children are beginning to use their imagination and will develop this through playing in the role-play area.

Maple Room has been specifically designed for 2 year olds providing plenty of space for them to move freely and independently select the resources and equipment they need for their play. Opportunities to develop their quickly developing range of vocabulary exist throughout the room, through a well stocked book corner and role play area.

Children's friendships quickly form in this room, supported by activities to develop social skills such as communicating negotiation, sharing and problem solving.

The bi-fold doors adjoining the outdoor environment allow the children to select their learning environment, making the most of the opportunity to explore the naturally resourced garden, or take part in the range of adult-led activities.

The adjoining toilets are ideally located to support the early stages of potty / toilet training and independent access to sinks for hand washing helps develop this aspect of children's self care skills.

The interactive screen promotes children's understanding of information technology with carefully selected programs that support each of the developmental areas.

Oak Room

At this stage we introduce a range of opportunities for children to participate in group work and to share their ideas and thoughts.

Oak Room is our second pre-school room. It benefits from a range of equipment and resources that can be independently accessed by the children.

The large role play area adapts to the children's interests; extending their knowledge and understanding of a range of different themes and topics whilst also providing an excellent opportunity for them to develop their vocabulary and skills of communication.

A cosy book corner provides a space for rest and relaxation whilst also allowing them to develop their literacy through sharing their favourite books with their friends.

Bi-fold doors provide direct access to our outdoor environment where children not only have the opportunity to run, jump, spin and climb but also explore the ever changing resources provided by nature.

The interactive screen promotes children's understanding of information technology with carefully selected programs that support each of the developmental areas.

Towards the end of their time in this room children will be supported by their key person to become 'school ready'. Developing the skills they need for school, whilst also supporting them emotionally in preparing for this transition. This is achieved through making links with the schools and having excellent knowledge of any aspects individual children may find difficult or challenging. In addition transition reports are completed for every child and sent to their new teacher to enable effective continuation of their learning and development.

Willow Room

The layout of the room allows the children to interact and play as part of a small group or independently.

Willow Room is the first of our pre-school rooms. A movable wall linking to Oak Room, our second pre-school room, allows the two rooms to work very closely together and at times become one large pre-school unit.

In Willow Room children's independence is encouraged and the ease of access to resources and equipment supports this.

A cosy book corner allows opportunity for rest and relaxation whilst also developing children's early literacy skills.

Continual access to sand and water develops early scientific and mathematical concepts through exploration and hands on trial and error.

A range of mark making opportunities supports children's early writing and our children soon develop these marks to form recognisable shapes, patterns and letters.

A role play area stimulates a vast array of language whilst developing social and problem solving skills.

Direct access via bi-fold doors to our outdoor environment increases the learning opportunities. Our carefully designed nursery garden encourages children to form connections with nature and the world around us.

The interactive screen promotes children's understanding of information technology with carefully selected programs that support each of the developmental areas.

Food and Nutrition

Aston University Nursery & Preschool is currently working towards the Startwell Award. Startwell is a programme run through Birmingham City Council with a focus on promoting a healthier environment for children and their families. Helping children to eat healthily and move more in the very early years of life is very important for their health as they grow up and as an adult. Early life experiences of a healthy lifestyle can make a big difference to the types of foods they choose and the amount and types of activity they do throughout life.

We are hoping to promote this through following the Startwell Programme and giving our children the skills and knowledge to make health choices. Aston University provides meals throughout the day with meals prepared on site by the Nursery Cook. Breakfast is provided upon arrival up until 9am. Children can choose from a range of cereals. Healthy snacks are provided during the morning and afternoon.

Children can select from a variety of fruit and salad items. Lunch – We currently provide a Halal menu (link to menu) and cater for children with a range of dietary requirements and allergies Tea – Tea is served to the children during the afternoon. Our tea menu (link to menu) provides children with a small snack but is not intended to replace their evening meal. Please call the nursery if you have any questions about our menus or if you would like to discuss your child’s dietary requirements.



Aston University Nursery and Pre-School has a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff. Each of our Nursery Rooms are led by a Room Leader who along with the Nursery Business Manager and Deputy Nursery Manager make up the Senior Management Team. The Room Leaders lead a team of experienced Nursery Nurses, all of whom hold a relevant child care qualification of Level 2 or above or are working towards. We employ a team of Casual Staff that are used to cover staff absences. As with the rest of the team, our casual staff are subject to our stringent vetting procedures. All potential staff go through our selection and recruitment procedures during which references are obtained and an Enhanced DBS Check carried out.

All staff complete Paediatric First Aid shortly after starting at the nursery and this is updated every three years. Aston University Nursery and Pre-School works closely with many other professionals within the early years sector who can provide advice, support and assistance to parents and practitioners when needed.

Nursery Business Manager:
Donna Cooper (MA in Education, Early Years, EYTS)

Deputy Nursery Manager:
Dionne Rutty (BA Hons, Level 6)

Nursery Administrator:
Jayne Fellows (Level 3)

Acorn Room Leader:
Diane Berrow ( Level 3)
Acting Room Leader: Alisha Tariq (Level 3)

Maple Room Leader:
Zara Osborne (FdA, Level 5) 

Willow Room Leader:
Harpreet Sokhey (BA Hons, EYTS, Level 6)
Acting Room Leader: Sofia Kousar (BA Hons, Level 6)

Oak Room Leader:
Michaela Bryan (BA Hons, Level 6)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator:
Hayley Groves
Stephanie Lloyd
Alisha Tariq
Zhane Francis
Laura Palmer

Nursery Nurses:
Farzana Masih (Level 3)
Zhane Francis (Level 3)
Hafsa Shareen (Level 3)
Ruksar Begum (Level 6)
Lorell Lyddiatt (Level 3)
Hayley Groves (Level 3)
Keera Lyons (Level 3)
Nichole Harrison (Level 5)
Emma Hancher (Level 3)
Charlotte Ebanks (Level 3)
Mandy Stewart (Level 3)
Aisha Saeed (Level 3)
Stephanie Lloyd (Level 3)
Laura Palmer (Level 3)
Muriam Shafait (Level 3)
Raafiah Munir (Level 3)
Suhaylah Haque (Level 6)
Sheraz Begum (Level 3)

Casual Staff:
Saiqa Kamran
Shamsa Begum
Alicia Millar