Academic Groups

Here at the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Aston University, our focus is on the inter-disciplinary nature of engineering and applied sciences, the key technologies and their interactions. Each group below contributes towards high level research which enhances the learning experiences of all our students.

The School has 6 academic groups:

  • Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
    Chemical Engineering is concerned with the design and implementation of processes for the conversion of low value raw materials into higher value commodities for the industrial and consumer market. It is a process by which the chemical, biochemical or physical state of a substance is manipulated to deliver a valuable and marketable product that meets the current and predicted market opportunities for chemicals and energy.

  • Computer Science
    Computer Science at Aston focuses on the development of computer-based systems to solve practical problems in business, engineering, science and daily life. The group's strengths are in software engineering and process, distributed computing, knowledge representation and engineering, and pattern analysis.

  • Electrical, Electronic and Power Engineering
    Electronic Engineering deals with the conception, design and operation of devices and systems that are based on the use of electronics for their operation. The discipline covers a wide spectrum of activities, dealing with the generation, communication, control and computation or processing of signals in electrical, or nowadays increasingly optical, form.

  • Engineering Systems & Management
    Engineering Systems and Management is a broadly based subject group with teaching activities ranging from classical mechanical engineering and product design through to the management of technology encompassing the engineering, construction and logistics sectors. The research is focused on a number of key areas including environmental management and sustainability.

  • Mathematics
    Mathematics is a scientific discipline designed to meet the future intellectual and employment demands of a technologically-aware society. It covers the interface between mathematics and computing and brings in additional aspects of data analysis, pattern processing, and mathematically-oriented internet technologies.

  • Mechanical Engineering & Design

    Mechanical Engineering & Design includes traditional mechanical programmes encompassing design helping to create the technological devices that enable our modern way of life, from cars, household appliances, power stations to medical devices that assist in heart surgery.