Introducing CEAC

In CEAC we educate new members of the Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry professions. Many of our course modules are shared by Chemists, Bioscientists and Chemical Engineers. This enables students and researchers to work closely together creating future experts who appreciate each other's roles.

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering remain crucial professions today as we shape the world of the 21st century. Chemistry is essential to the modern society we live in. The chemicals, from which all manner of consumer products are manufactured, are produced in processes developed from the fundamental principles of chemistry.

Chemists provide a key to the process development of consumer products, industrial materials, medicines and foodstuffs. A good research or process Chemist needs a sound understanding of physio-chemical principles, strong communication and teamwork skills, an understanding of environmental concerns, and a grasp of the fundamental principles of economics and management to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of society.

Our courses differs from the conventional "pure" chemistry pattern as it benefits from the additional expertise which became available with the formation of the division of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, whilst still covering the essential "core" of chemical knowledge required by all professional Chemists.