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The Aston Interactive Media (AIM) Lab is a state-of-the-art lab dedicated to research into, and development and evaluation of, innovative interactive media and applications. The lab’s novel design and infrastructure establish it as a rare facility, capable of supporting innovative research- and industry-led design of interaction-based technologies and applications.  Its unique combination of facilities make it ideally equipped to support innovation in the field of mobile interactive technologies and the application of effective, novel approaches to the evaluation of such technologies.

What does the AIM Lab offer?

  • support for world class usability evaluations that return meaningful results which illustrate fitness-for-purpose and usability of technology relative to actual intended context(s) of use

  • lab space that is configurable and flexible to specific needs of individual research and development projects

  • ability to explore the influence of environmental conditions and distractions on technology use

  • support for exploring the potential impact of and acceptability of technologies

  • support for research into and development of novel interactive technologies and interaction techniques

  • support for research into and development of 3D image/video capture to facilitate world class development in areas such as computer-based replication of biological vision systems, surveillance and tracking, gesture-based interaction technologies, robotic navigation, and human body motion and facial expression capture

  • specialist expertise of internationally renowned research staff – including traditional and mobile human-computer interaction design and evaluation expertise as well as expertise in the extraction of 3D information from visual data such as still images and video streams

The AIM Lab is an ideal facility in which to collaborate with us on academic research, to engage in industry-led research, or to seek our support for fee-for-service or consultancy.

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For additional information on the AIM Lab, please contact:

Dr. Jo Lumsden, Director of the AIM Lab

Phone Number

+44 (0)121 204 3470