I.B.I.S System by Matthew Williams

This system was designed for members of the Peterborough Bird Club (PBC). It was primarily designed to allow a more efficient and intuitive system for recording the birds that members saw on a day-to-day basis than was previously available. Storing the details of each sighting on a central database enables the ability to create graphical reports, so members can see exactly where each bird was sighted. Other functionality included the ability to view various statistics as well as be informed when new birds had been spotted. Using a Web service as an interface into the central database provided a loosely coupled distributed application, enabling 3rd party developers the opportunity to create their own client applications. The main application was designed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 using Windows forms and C#.NET. This provided a powerful and efficient graphical user interface that was aesthetically pleasing.

The following links demonstrate the program in use: