Sound Visualisation by Abi Peach


The aim of this project was to produce a stand-alone visualisation program similar to those incorporated into existing software like iTunes or Windows Media Player.
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The program was to be capable of sampling the audio data from any one of a computers audio sources, such as line-in or a microphone or an audio file, and from this create the visualisations.

The visualisations themselves were to be both attractive, and representative of the audio source. Aspects of the audio such as a volume and pitch were to be shown in the visualisations by changing colours, shapes and speed of movement. These effects were to be combined artistically with others such rotation and zooming to create the attractive moving patterns of the finished visualisations.

The ultimate aim was to incorporate the program produced into an existing photo slideshow program, allowing the visualisations to become the background for the slideshow. This requirement meant that the front end of the program at least had to be written in Visual Basic, the same language as the slideshow program, to allow the eventual integration to be straightforward.

Flash Video Demo

View a short flash video of the program in use [3.40mb]