Engineering Systems and Supply Chain Management

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We are a multidisciplinary group of academics with interests in logistics, transport, supply chain and engineering management, systems thinking and engineering education. 


We are concerned with the integrated design and operation of complex technological solutions to real world problems.

It cuts across the boundaries of traditional engineering disciplines and other fields. 

We have particular expertise in 

  • transport
  • logistics and supply chain management (SCM)
  • engineering management
  • systems thinking
  • engineering education


Business links

It is now widely accepted that the adoption of contemporary logistics, supply chain systems and engineering management thinking by firms has the potential to significantly reduce cost, improve customer service and contribute positively to the development of longer term sustainable business models.

ESSCM works in partnership with firms to improve the capability of firms through the development of people and processes.

Our aim is to bring world class practices to our partner companies through an integrated portfolio of activities. Read more