Professor Ed. Sweeney and Dr. Robin Clark visit Parliament

Houses of Parliament
Aston ESM visit Houses of Parliament.

Engaging Policy Makers and Parliament: Research Impact and Researching Parliament.

Professor Ed. Sweeney and Dr. Robin Clark of Aston’s Engineering Systems and Management Group have made a visit to the Houses of Parliament to attend ‘An impact and Engagement session’. Relationships between academics and politicians are now more important than ever; it is to the benefit that both parties understand how each other work to better support each other. The session at the House of Commons allowed attendees to network and understand different perspectives of the world they work in and who their work effects, and what they can do to better improve communication between each other. A difficulty is that Policy-makers work in a fast-paced environment where a lot of change happens in a short space of time, whereas academics spend a lot of time researching topics to develop their knowledge of certain issues backed by evidence and find it a challenge to react to immediate problems put in front of them without conducting the relevant research.

 By attending the Houses of Parliament Aston has gained an understanding of this problem and is helping to facilitate with the bridging of this gap by working with politicians to produce research that is in line with new policies affecting our Government. Evidence based policy making is essential; a communication stream between policy makers and academics is of the upmost importance due to the non-academic impact of research. Understanding academic impact on the world of work is an important factor every university should be involved with as it gives a practical application of academia on government and industry and allows for more exploitable research to be conducted.