LogiMed is the annual meeting place and professional development forum for 125+ regional supply chain leaders responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa from the top medical device manufacturers by market share. It is Europe’s Leading End-to-End Supply Chain &Logistics Event for the Medical Device Industry.  By 2017, the global medical device market is predicted to reach US$434.4 billion, an annual average growth of 7.1% from 2012. This growth will be achieved in the face of on-going economic pressures and against market demand for more effective products and higher quality service. In light of the above the emphasis of the event was on understanding the top challenges and identifying solutions to improve sector’s efficiency and competitiveness.

Dr Aristides Matopoulos was invited to deliver a talk about ‘The implementation of Hospital-Vendor Collaborative Practices to improve Inventory Management and Service Levels’. In his presentation he analysed the characteristics of healthcare supply chains, and put particular emphasis on the implementation of VMI/CMI in hospitals. Through the analysis of a hospital case study he analysed the process of establishing hospital-vendor collaborative practices and he also provided empirical data on the benefits of such relationships on inventory optimisation and improved customer service levels.