Msc by Research - Mathematics

MSc by Research

The MSc by Research is a one year full-time, or two year part-time, thesis based research degree for students looking for a research programme, but who may not be ready or able to commit to the three years' study required by a traditional PhD programme, e.g.:

  • People with work experience who only want to take one year out of industry (or two years part time) to complete a research degree;
  • Exceptional BSc students who want to take their final year project work further.*

The MSc by Research can be studied with a supervisor from any one of the School’s areas of cutting-edge research and in Mathematics, we supervise studies in:

Pattern analysis

Advanced inference & visualisation, time series analysis/forecasting, probabilistic & graphical modelling

Statistical physics of complex systems

Coding, computational complexity, inference and optimisation, routing, emergent behaviour in nonlinear evolving systems, weak measurements, quantum optics, non-equilibrium systems

Complexity and modelling

Modelling complex systems, energy networks, community detection, large-scale coupled oscillators, large biomolecular, biological and neuronal systems, systems biology, probabilistic control

Nonlinear and stochastic differential equations

Navier-Stokes equations applied to shear flow, econophysics, differential equations with time delays, oscillatory behaviour