Mathematics at Aston

Mathematics is a scientific discipline designed to meet the future intellectual and employment demands of a technologically-aware society. It covers the interface between mathematics and computing and brings in additional aspects of data analysis, pattern processing, and mathematically-oriented internet technologies.

The Mathematics Group at Aston University provides the undergraduate teaching and learning experience of mathematics to the Joint Honours course, and also to other Academic Groups within the School of Engineering  & Applied Science. We carry out leading-edge research in the broad fields of 'machine intelligence', statistical inference, coding and communication, complexity,  nonlinear stochastic equations and information processing.

You are able to choose from Single, Major, Combined and Minor Honours courses in mathematics. Depending on your course you will spend from 1/3 (for a Minor) to all (for a Single) of your time studying mathematics. In the first year, your studies incorporate an expansion of A level mathematical techniques. The final year allows you to choose specialist options to change the emphasis of your degree. Modules can be more industry oriented, focusing on the applications of mathematics associated with finance, information science and data modelling or concentrate on the more traditional mathematics subject areas.

Over the course of your degree, you will consider:
  • differential equations, which are vital to the modelling of many real problems
  • the problem of obtaining approximate solutions to those questions which cannot be resolved by analytical mathematical methods
  • the use of probabilistic methods for inference and pattern analysis
  • the underlying concepts in analysis and algebra
  • the benefit of research into chaos
  • the development of mathematical techniques as we know them today

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A short tour of the Mathematics department can be found here.