Biomedical Engineering Research Group

The Biomedical Engineering Research Group focuses on new robotics and smart sensor technologies for challenging clinical applications in microsurgery, implants, cell processing, patient monitoring and well-being assessment. The research is led by a professional team of clinicians and engineers and has led to innovative solutions in practice. More information

Academic Staff
Dr Xianghong Ma
Dr Mark Prince
Dr Greg Swadener
Dr Gareth Thomson

Associate Members
Professor Derek Alderson, FRCS
Mr Chris Coulson, FRCS
Professor Mansel Griffiths, FRCS
Mr Richard Irving, FRCS
Professor David Proops, FRCS
Mr Andrew Reid, FRCS
Mr David Richens, FRCS
Ms Olga Tucker, FRCS
Mrs Konstance Tzifa, FRCS
Professor Giuseppe Tritto, MD

Research Post-Docs
Dr Jing Zhao
Dr Laura Leslie

Sustainable Environment Research Group

The Sustainable Environment Research Group (SERG) is an multidisciplinary group that brings together experts from a range of backgrounds including mechanical engineering, chemistry, hydrology, ecology, computer modelling and operations management. Our common interest is in meeting the challenges posed by the impact of human activities on the environment. We have an number of nationally and internationally funded projects, with focus on green transport and alternative fuels, solar energy and water treatment, and land resource assessment and biodiversity. More information
Within the Group there are exciting opportunities for postgraduate students to undertake research leading to a PhD or MPhil. For further information on entry requirements, application forms etc., please contact the School’s Research Office.