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What is Active Engineering?

The principles of Active Engineering derive from a wide range of teaching methods and styles, including problem based learning, project management and balancing pratical skills with industry needs. Active Engineering involves the right mix of theory with practice.

It focuses on building and growing student engagement through challenging project work, along with creating and then exploiting opportunities for multidisciplinary interaction and collaboration. In Active Engineering, solutions and not all prescribed; learning is adaptive and in some cases, experimentation.

Active Engineering is project-based, multidisciplinary and experimental. It requires students to work in teams and evidentially learn important skills of communication, collaboration, compromise, challenge and commitment.

Explore Active Engineering with Aston University

Upon joining The School of Engineering and Applied Science, you will benefit from a wide range of teaching methods and learning styles which enable our graduates to be extremely attractive to graduate employers.

With an increasingly competitive graduate employment environment, you will be competing with other qualified candidates from all over the world. Ensuring that your chosen degree programme will mark you out as a serious contender, our students benefit from a very hands on learning environment, in which we call Active Engineering.

Who benefits from this approach?

We have looked at other engineering programmes and we believe Active Engineering captures and builds on many good qualities of the best. This programme will be of most interest and most benefit to:

  • Students who don't want to spend all of their time sitting in a classroom and listening to traditional lectures.
  • Students who want to be challenged by their chosen degree programmes.
  • Students who want to solve problems now, and want to work in an open environment that encourages informed risk taking.
  • Students focused on enhancing their employability skills.


All of our programmes are accredited by an appropriate Engineering or Computing professional body. The approach we are talking with Active Engineering is fully endorsed.

Aston's School of Engineering and Applied Science has achieved the Athena Swan Silver Award in recognition of our commitment to the advancement and promotion of the careers of women in Science, Engineering and Technology.  

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