Our aim:

The School of Engineering and Applied Science is committed to the wellbeing of both its students and staff. One in four people are affected by a mental health condition at least once in their lifetime, so we are focussed on ensuring that proper mechanisms are in place to offer the support and guidance to people when they need it. 

Aston University currently has 29 Mental Health First Aiders, 3 of whom are based in Engineering and Applied Science. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally recognised training course which equips staff with the necessary skills to spot early signs of mental ill health and how to guide people to the most appropriate support. The Mental Health First Aiders are accessible by any member of staff within the University that is struggling with any form of emotional distress or mental health issue. Through a supportive and non-judgemental conversation, the Mental Health First Aiders will then offer advice of support available. The intention is for further Mental Health First Aiders to be trained as well as implementing mental health awareness training for all managers. 

All employees of Aston University also have access to PAM Assist, an Employee Assistance Programme which offers free confidential advice and support across a range of issues both personal and work related, including: managing money, family issues, moving home, retirement, work issues and illness. This includes offering access to counselling services for those that are dealing with mental ill health. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can make use of them by calling 0800 882 4102 or going to  www.pamassist.co.uk (Username: Aston Password: Aston1). More information on the way PAM Assist works can be found by watching these videos:  https://www.pamgrouptv.co.uk/ or via these  presentation slides.

 Employees can also access self-help resources such as Birmingham Healthy Minds, Moodjuice and The Waiting Room.